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Welcome to Colchester Language Academy 

Colchester Language Academy is a language academy in Colchester, UK. Our aim is to inspire students learn English, Spanish and a range of diverse language courses at ease.  
Our multi-faceted language courses in Colchester not only help students learn varied languages but also the culture behind it. We impart English lessons, Spanish, Italian, German and other languages as required. All these complete lessons are meant for adult and children. 
At Colchester Language Academy what is worth mentioning is that our classes are engaging and flexible. We work with small classes to make sure students receive the attention they deserve, learn better and faster. 
We provide after school language and activities for children of varied age groups. We also provide a perfect platform and get you ready for Cambridge, or IELTS exams. 
Our courses are flexible and the students can enroll anytime of the year. We also offer tailor-made packages for group, individuals and businesses. 
Summer English courses - 
we are receiving applications for courses starting from 17July 


Our class sizes are small as we stick to dedicated lesson sharing. 

About Us 

We take pride in having a team of friendly, qualified and experienced teachers 

Student Support 

We offer a range of information, advice and guidance services to help you get the most of your experience 


Our teachers are qualified with many years of experience 


Enriching learning environment 


Engaging curriculum 

*Our classes are imparted in small groups, which allow you to engage in conversations and practice the language continuously.