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General English 

Our general English courses provide you with the confidence and skills you need to communicate more effectively in English in a general environment. 
The classes are designed for students who want to develop all areas of their language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. These courses also help you to improve your grammar, pronunciation and fluency. 
These programs include: General English for all levels: beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and proficiency 
English One-to-One: The one to one conversation classes are a unique opportunity to focus 100% on your needs. 
One to one classes are designed for people who need more flexibility and want to focus on their specific needs as well as improving their general English. 
Individual lessons allow you to work at a speed that suits you so that you can reach your objectives with confidence. 
Course length can range from a minimum of a week to long term courses 
The more hours you do the better to achieve your goals. 
This course is ideal if you would like to boost your speaking, pronunciation and vocabulary English skills. 
These classes are designed in a fun role-play way which help students to communicate without pressure. 
Enlarge your vocabulary with our conversation sessions in natural environments where the students have the opportunity to communicate in real situations like cafes, bars, restaurants, and more. 
Practicing conversing in English is the quickest, most engaging way to become a better English speaker 
This classes aim to cover the most commonly pronunciation mistakes students make in order to guide them with the best tactics and techniques to improve their English accent. 
The course typically runs on Mondays for two hours (6:00 - 8.00pm) 
Business courses: These courses are designed to help you to improve your basic English and gain communication skills for a business career. 
Professionals who can communicate fluently in English have a competitive edge. We live in a competitive and moving fast world where a good knowledge in different language is the way to reach out and participate into an ever more globalised world. 

Keep ahead of the game! 

Job Application 

Write your CV according to English standards 
Practice interviews techniques 
Learn how to do a good covering letter 
Learn how to develop confidence and recognize the importance of body language 

Writing for Work 

Learn how to communicate effectively in a business environment 
Improve your writing from brochures and press releases to reports and blogs 
Everything you need for a successful business 

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